Southern Metropolis Daily: Make Your Dream Possible: a Legend about Youth Venture
Two years ago, Fang Wencai stamped his foot in anger when he heard the part-time station has disappeared with his 240 yuan membership fees and the unpaid wages he earned in the previous jobs. What’ more, other students introduced by him to enroll at this station also suffered the loss. At that time, the guilt inspired an idea in his mind: why couldn't he establish a part-time platform for college students?
Sanya Daily, QZU Won the First Prize in Division B in China Open Dragon Boat Race
On June 19th, the China Open Dragon Boat Race (Chengmai Race) ended in China Dragon Boat Activity Base which was located in Nandu River, Jinjiang Town, Chengmai County. QZU team has won the first prize in Open Division B and Liaocheng University has won the first prize in Open Division A. QZU Created a Literary Research Base to Improve National Culture Development
QZU has created a Hainan Literary Research Base to improve the literary creation of minority writers in diversified ways. The Base had held three counseling sessions to guide the writers, helped 8 writers of Li nationality to modify their literary works and contacted the press to publish their national literary works. Liu Cigui Went to QZU for Inspection: Building Applied Tropical Ocean University
Liu Cigui stressed that QZU should firmly grasp the historic opportunity and actively strive for supports from all parties to promote the preparation work with a high starting point and standard beyond the conventional level. Liu Cigui also hopes that the Tropical Ocean University could become a featured top-class university and provide powerful talents support to the construction of “21th Century Maritime Silk Road” and “Powerful Ocean Country” strategies.
Professor Fu Yumei of QZU was elected as a candidate of “The most beautiful teacher of Hainan”
Fu Yumei now is over 50 years old, and she has worked in QZU for 30 years from 1985 to 2015. During the 30 years teaching life, she gets great honor and she is always committed in work as an Executive Vice-Dean. She thinks that she has taken great pains to complete three things as a college teacher should do: taking care of students; teaching well and making some contribution to the fields she focuses. Hainan will Establish the Tropical Ocean University Serving Southeast Asia
Hainan Province, having the jurisdiction of about 2/3 waters of China, is now establishing the Tropical Ocean University based on Qiongzhou University in Sanya.

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